Welcome to New Territories·East, Hong Kong.

We would like to say a big thank you to all those who have supported us in the past few years.

We really hope this map can relieve your stress from staying at home due to Coronavirus, from work/study or 對住屋企活在平行時空兼撐天朝嘅藍絲.

I would also like to say happy birthday to PY6125 who have put in tremendous effort in this map!

Also the very best of luck to all HKDSE students who will be taking their exams soon!

Disclaimer: New Territories·East is not a product of CDLBT. This page is only created as a back-up to the New Territories·East download page on Facebook.

Our team

Created by: Kelvin1324, PY6125, ATR7-Hv7287

Partnered with:



Community addon link

If you have created an addon for this map (such as HOF, AI addon, DPIP) and published on your page, feel free to paste in the link below so more people can see it!

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Installation guide

Step 1: Download and install the following miscellaneous items

  1. taxidriverhk - HK West Kowloon
  2. 3dtranstudio’s AI traffic addons and HK Street pack
  3. CDLBT’s Tsuen Wan West and Hong Kong AI Pack v3
  4. Cktse’s SS_HKTrafficSign
  5. TOXIC FISH Workshop’s Toyota Noah AI
  6. NTE, M³ Studio and CDLX’s Hong Kong AI Buses Pack

Step 2: Download and install the main file (All links are the same):

zip size: 1.2GB, unarchived size: 3.5GB

Link 1 (Mega)
Link 2 (Google Drive)

Step 3: Download this small fix as well if you have downloaded NTE already

Link 1 (Mega)
Link 2 (Google Drive)

Step 4: Launch game

In the OMSI screen, make sure to click on "Load Map Without Buses", or else New Territories·East will not show up in the map list!

Hong Kong AI Buses Pack

Buses included in this pack:


A million thanks to M³ Studio and cdlbt.co.

Link 1 (Google Drive)
Link 2 (Mega)

Please note

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 常問問題

Q: After loading, all I see is a blue sky... OR something is missing?

A: You are probably missing sceneryobjects, splines, or vehicles.
通常係你漏咗啲 sceneryobjects、splines、vehicles。

Please try the following:

  1. Please make sure you have followed the instructions outlined in the installation guide and downloaded all required items under step 1...(too many people skipped step 1)
    麻煩大家睇清楚及跟足 Step 1 down 齊啲嘢...(我哋發現太多人一開始冇跟足)
  2. Download the fix addon in Step 3
    Down step 3 個 Fix addon
  3. Use Blue Sky Tool and scan our map to see are you missing any splines/objects/AI vehicles, etc.
    Blue Sky Tool 掃個我地個 map,睇下有冇 Missing splines/Missing objects
  4. Use Blue Sky Tool to scan the logfile.txt (note. it must be straight after you opened NTE on OMSI2). At this stage, you should be able to notice there are things in Warnings tab and Error tab
    Blue Sky Tool 掃埋啱啱開完 NTE 後既logfile.txt (必須要啱啱玩完 NTE)。跟住你會見到 Warnings 同埋 Error 會寫好多嘢。
    1. Firstly, you can ignore "Information" tab.
      首先可以無視 Information。
    2. Secondly and most importantly, you need to resolve errors noted in the "Error" tab. Try redownloading anything mentioned.
      Error tab 嘅問題一定要解決。有咩 missing 就 download 佢。
    3. Finally the "Warnings tab" - most warnings you can ignore (especially the ones outlined below). If you notice something not mentioned below, have a read through it and see anything you can resolve yourself.
      注意係 Warnings tab入面,可以無視以下問題 (因為唔會影響遊戲):
      • texture filename ___ not found in mesh file
      • Did not find texture file ___
      • Could not lock light map of tile ___ for getting ambient light for objects! Error: texture load
      • Busstop ___ found no exiting path!"
  5. Download anything missing. If you can't find the link here, try to google for the file.
    自行下載 missing 嘅嘢。
SceneryObject / Spline / Vehicle Folders Download Links Notes
Sceneryobjects\3dtranstudio\ 3D Transport Studio
Sceneryobjects\Buildings_MC\ Included with OMSI
Sceneryobjects\Busstops_HK\ Included with NT·East
Sceneryobjects\CDLX\KMB\ cdlbt.co Included in Tsuen Wan · West map
Sceneryobjects\CDLX\Misc\ cdlbt.co Included in Tsuen Wan · West map
Sceneryobjects\Generic\ Included with OMSI
Sceneryobjects\HKsouth_Buildings\ Included with NT·East
Sceneryobjects\kelvin1324\ Included with NT·East
Sceneryobjects\kelvin1324_Buildings\ Included with NT·East
Sceneryobjects\kelvin1324_Busstop\ Included with NT·East
Sceneryobjects\kelvin1324_Misc\ Included with NT·East
Sceneryobjects\M3 Obj\ Included with NT·East
Sceneryobjects\MAN F90\ Included with OMSI
Sceneryobjects\martin's object\ Included with NT·East
Sceneryobjects\Mice122 Production\HK_Lamp\ Included with NT·East
Sceneryobjects\OMSI_Hong Kong Buses\ Included with NT·East
Sceneryobjects\Ruede\ Included with OMSI
Sceneryobjects\SR_Tai Po\ Included with NT·East
Sceneryobjects\SR_Tai Po_71K 74K\ Included with NT·East
Sceneryobjects\SS_HKTrafficSign\ Sign Square Rename .ams to .zip to unarchive the files.
Sceneryobjects\STN\ Included with NT·East
Sceneryobjects\Streetobjects_RUE\ Included with OMSI
Sceneryobjects\taxidriverhk\ Taxi Driver HK
Sceneryobjects\Traffic_Light_HK_FF3170\ Included with NT·East
Sceneryobjects\Trees_MC\ Included with OMSI
Sceneryobjects\Verkehrszeichen_MC\ Included with OMSI
Splines\kelvin1324\ Included with NT·East
Splines\STN\ Included with NT·East
Splines\TaiPoProject_Highway\ Included with NT·East
Splines\taxidriverhk_nopaths\ Taxi Driver HK
Vehicles\AI_KMB_DENNIS\ cdlbt.co Included in Hong Kong AI Buses Pack
Vehicles\Isuzu_N_Series\ cdlbt.co Included in HK AI Pack v3
Vehicles\MTR_IKK_SP1900_Train\ Included with NT·East
Vehicles\MTR_MCW_Train\ Included with NT·East
Vehicles\Tesla_Model_S\ cdlbt.co
Vehicles\Toyota_Alphard\ cdlbt.co
Vehicles\Toyota_Coaster_Series3-6_HK\ Included with NT·East
Vehicles\Toyota_Coaster_Series3-6_HK_AMS\ Included with NT·East
Vehicles\Toyota_Coaster_Series7_HK\ Included with NT·East
Vehicles\Toyota_Coaster_Series7_HK_AMS\ Included with NT·East
Vehicles\Toyota_Crown\ 3D Transport Studio
Vehicles\Toyota_Echoverso\ 3D Transport Studio
Vehicles\Toyota_Hiace\ 3D Transport Studio
Vehicles\Toyota_Noah\ TOXIC FISH Workshop
Vehicles\Toyota_Prius\ cdlbt.co Included in HK AI Pack v3
Vehicles\VW_Golf_7\ cdlbt.co Included in HK AI Pack v3
Vehicles\MB_Sprinter_HK\ sendspace

Q: Spline do not show up properly.
Spline 路面 tex 出錯?

A: Please reload the map and use "Load map without buses".
請重新 load 過個 map,同埋用 “Load map without buses”

Q: There is an invisible wall in the map, what should I do?
係 game 入面我撞到空氣牆,點搞?

A: In Options\Advanced, please turn OFF (untick) all the collisions:

Q: The map is very laggy
個地圖好 lag,有冇得搞?

A: Try to lower your AI settings and lower Max object visibility.
試下較低 AI、AI traffic factor,同較低 Max object visibility

Check your logfile to see where the "Error" and "Warnings" are and resolving errors helps improve performance.
A2. 打開 logfile 睇下好多 warning 同埋 error 係關於乜。如果可以減少,都會可能令個地圖順啲。

Q: I don't have some of the AI vehicles in your "ailists.cfg". What can I do?

A: You can manually replace vehicles that you don't have in ailists.cfg.
解決方法: 你可以自己改:打開 maps\New Territories East 入面的ailists.cfg

Edit the vehicles list under [aigroup_2] in ailists.cfg.
改所有 [aigroup_2]Vehicles\... Delete 或加入為你想要嘅車。

Q: I have reached the final destination and there are still some passengers on the bus who do not get off?

A: This is an OMSI bug.
原因:呢個 bug,估計係有乘客上錯車。

You can manually set "Not in service" as your destination and all passengers should now alight.
手動 set “Not in service” 趕所有人落車。

Q: Why are some of the buildings (objects) missing?

A: We have implemented object complexity setting in our map.
我地加咗 Object complexity setting,原意係希望你可以自行調較 setting 令遊戲更順暢。

Your setting could be too low which causes some objects to not appear.
Set 得越高,見到嘅嘢就越多,但有可能會影響遊戲表現。

We recommend setting it to 3, but if is laggy for you, set it to 1.
我哋推介 set 3, 不過如果 lag 可以試下 set 1。

Q: Why am I seeing so few scheduled AI vehicles on the roads?
點解我見到咁少 AI 巴士及小巴?

A: We have implemented "AI Priority Setting" in our map.
我地加咗 AI Priority setting,原意係希望你可以自行調較 setting 令遊戲更順暢。

Your setting could be too low which causes some routes to not appear
如果 set 太低會見唔到全部路線。

We recommend set it to 2 at a minimum, but if is laggy for you, set it to 1.
我哋推介 set 2, 不過如果 lag 可以試下 set 1。

Q: I can only see the wheel for some vehicles?

A: In graphics settings, uncheck "Reflextion Map".
解決方法: Un-tick 反光 (Reflextion Map) 之後就不會再有反射效果,但個幾款死車就會看得返車身。

(Thanks 愛麗絲公主 @hkbf)

Q: Some AI buses are stuck and unable to move?

A: Fast forward the time by a second or two, and that will reset most of the buses.

Q: There is no passengers waiting for my route, what should I do?

A: First you need to check if the route is in service on the day that you have chosen.
首先你 check 個條線有無開/有冇班次先。

Next, press F4 and move your camera to somewhere far away, then press F1 to return to your bus.
然後可以禁 F4, 禁啲遠嘅地方。最後再禁F1返自己部車 睇下有冇人等車。

If that doesn't work, your best bet is to reload the game with a different starting position
如果唔 work 嘅,你可以 reload 隻 game,揀個唔同嘅 starting point。

Q: Stop announcement code for the bus routes?
路線嘅報站 Code?

A: Please refer to the following table:

GX7767 IBIS Code
KMB 71A To Tai Po Market Station 71AY 07100,11
KMB 71A To Fu Heng 71AZ 07100,12
KMB 71B 71BY 07100,21
KMB 71K To Tai Po Market Station 71KY 07100,31
KMB 71K To Tai Wo 71KZ 07100,32
KMB 71S To Kwong Fuk 71SY 07100,91 Sundays and Public Holidays Only
KMB 71S To Fu Shin 71SZ 07100,92 Sundays and Public Holidays Only
KMB 272A To Pak Shek Kok 272AY 27200,01
KMB 272A To University Station 272AZ 27200,02
KMB 272K To Hong Kong Science Park 272KY 27200,11
KMB 272K To University Station 272KZ 27200,12
KMB 289K To Chevalier Garden 289KY 28900,01
KMB 289K To University Station 289KZ 28900,02
KMB 872X To Tai Po Central 872XY 87200,11 Operates only at:
14:53, 15:15 (Wed)
17:54, 18:15 (Sat)
20:52, 21:15 (Sun)
20:52、21:15(日) 提供服務
MTRB K14 N/A N/A Weekday morning peak (7-10am) only
只於平日早上繁忙時間 (7-10am) 提供服務
MTRB K17 N/A N/A Mon-Sat Only
MTRB K18 N/A N/A Mon-Sat Only
NR530, NR534 N/A N/A
CTB SP8 N/A N/A 07:45, 08:30, 18:22 (weekdays only)
Route based in year 2010
Does not stop at Tai Po Plaza
只於平日繁忙時間 (07:45、08:30、18:22) 提供服務,
AMS 20A, 20X N/A N/A

Q: Could you send ___ map to me?
你哋可唔可以 send 咩元朗地圖/乜乜乜地圖俾我?

A: No, only the NT·East map is available here.
冇。呢度只有 NTE 新界東地圖。

Please go to the respective developer's page for their maps.

Q: Will you be make route ___ in the future?

A: No.

Q: Building ___ looks outdated, when are you guys going to update it?
建築物乜乜乜已經唔係咁嘅樣喎,你地幾時 update 呀?

A: We have tried to used the most up-to-date texture available when creating the buildings.
我哋起個建築物嘅時候已經盡量用當時最新嘅 texture。

Please understand that we are not full time OMSI2 addon creators.
請理解我哋唔係 full time OMSI2 addon maker。

We do not have unlimited time to update whenever there is a change to the actual buildings.
如果現實中棟嘢變咗,我哋冇咁多時間一個一個 update。