Tsuen Wan · West

for OMSI 2 only

How to Install Tsuen Wan · West

Step 1: Download and install the main file

Download the main file TsuenWanWest_Beta02.zip, and extract the following folders to your OMSI directory.


A hof file ProjectBG.hof is provided for buses that uses GX7767 Studio's Hoilun stop announcement system and Hanover Display systems. It may be compatible with other buses, but the stop announcement system may not work as expected.
If you have Tsuen Wan · West Beta 01 installed previously, it is recommended to delete the old map folder (OMSI 2\maps\TsuenWanWest_Beta01\).

Step 2: Download and install the AI Pack

Download the AI Pack TsuenWanWest_AIPack_Beta02.2.zip, and extract all folders to your OMSI Vehicles folder(OMSI 2\Vehicles).


Step 3: Download and install miscellaneous items

Make sure you have the following items installed in your OMSI Directory:

Step 4: Launch game

In the OMSI screen, make sure to click on "Launch Map Without Buses", or else Tsuen Wan · West Beta 02 will not show up in the map list!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I cannot find the map from the OMSI start screen!

A: In the OMSI screen, make sure to click on "Launch Map Without Buses", or else Tsuen Wan · West Beta 02 will not show up in the map list!

Q: After loading, all I see is a blue sky!

A: Make sure you have downloaded and placed all files correctly. Refer to the "How to Install" section for detailed instructions.

Q: It is very laggy, and my bus is jumping!

A: As this is a beta release, the map is not fully optimised for performance. Try to lower your OMSI settings or upgrade your PC for a smoother experience.

Q: There are too many buses at Bayview Garden Bus Terminus, and I cannnot enter the terminus!

A: Fast forward the time by a second or two, and that will remove most of the buses. You should now be able to get in the terminus.

Q: The texture of some of the buildings are white, what should I do?

A: This is perfectly normal. The map is still in its beta stage, and we haven't mapped all buildings with textures.

Known Issues

Listed below are certain sections of the map where AI traffic behaves abnormally. Use caution when driving along these areas.

Still have problems?

If you have any questions, concerns, or copyright enquiries, feel free to contact us with the following methods.