Shih Wing Hin, Daniel

Hello, my name is Daniel. I am born in the beautiful city of Hong Kong.

I am very enthusiatic in the technology field. In my spare time, I like coding my personal websites, programming apps, 3D-modeling in Blender for games, drawing art in Photoshop, photographing landscapes and vehicles, etc...

Web Development

I first picked up HTML at the age of 9. Over the years, I have taught myself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have designed and developed websites for my own personal projects and two companies as part time work.

CDLBT is a website that hosts my add-on contents for OMSI. The site was first launched in 2013, and was rebuilt from scratch in 2019.

The site encorporates the use of CSS and JavaScript to create a mobile-friendly responsive design.

This is the website of Tung Hing Holding Company Limited, a company focusing on plastic manufacturing and printing with plants in mainland China.

The current website was rebuilt in 2019, incorporating a single page design that is also mobile friendly.

I was hired to develop the current website of East Industry (China) Company Limited, a biomass polybag manufacturer based in China.

This project included photographing the product catalog and digitally manipulating images to fit the design and layout of the website.

IT Certifications

Here is a list of my IT Certifications.


IT Fundamentals

Microsoft Technology Associate

98-365: Windows® Server Administration Fundamentals

98-366: Networking Fundamentals

98-367: Security Fundamentals

98-368: Mobility and Devices Fundamentals

Software Proficiency

These are softwares and programming languages that I am proficient in.


Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC



Final Cut Pro X

SketchUp Pro

Visual Studio

Programming Languages







Visual C++

Visual C#

Visual Basic


One of my passions is photography. I mainly photograph landscapes, cars, buses, and planes. I often utilise Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom within my photo editing workflow. Shown below are a few of my shots.

Art Drawings

Sometimes in my spare time, I use Photoshop to do both raster and vector drawings. Below are some of my creations.

OMSI Modding

I produce maps, scenery objects, vehicles and bus repaints for OMSI - Der Omnibussimulator under the alias "cdlx". View more at